Why Choose Us?


Why Choose Air You Go Travels Philippines Co.



Your over all experience matters to us. From the time you see our travel deal advertisements, until the time you get back from your trip. We make sure that what you take advantage of is not just packages or services, but the experience that you take with you all your life.
World-class Services
Incomparable is what we strive for, instead of being at par with the standard, We want to be THE STANDARD when it comes to the travel service industry. Our customer support system has been designated not just to provide you answers but to be your travel buddy. we make sure that we check on our guests and clients up to the time they get back from their trip. This is what sets up apart from others, our people.
Lowest-priced Travel Deals
Name it, we have it. We are your one-stop shop for all travel destinations you can ever think of. And not just that, we make it a point that our guests travel with the most savings they can have. Through our group-buying website www.airyougotravels.com, the travel packages we offer are the most affordable ones you will ever find. Given a lower quotation? Share it to us and we shall beat it! We give more values to guests who become loyal customers because our travel deals. And all this we do without compromising quality.
Customer Protection
Our customers are our most prized possessions. We make sure that above all else, the value of what they paid for is evident through what they enjoy and experience with our services. Our Terms and Conditions are designed to both protect our guests and their reservations. We go the extra mile to make sure our guests are provided all the necessary information pertinent to their travel. “No Hidden Charges” is a policy we uphold.
In everything that we do, whether internal or external, our company name is always at stake. We make sure we conduct transactions with the highest degree of professionalism, at the same inspiring trust and loyalty by saying what we mean and upholding what we say. We also take responsibility for our actions, always putting ourselves in the situation of our customers.